Crystal Hearts Foundation


About Us

The Crystal Hearts Foundation was started in July 2017 to fulfill the dream of Crystal Ogake Arasa who sadly passed away in April 2017 from complications brought about by
congenital heart disease.  The Crystal Hearts Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and action, committed to realizing Crystal’s dream of a better, more equitable world. In loving memory of Crystal Ogake Arasa, we embark on this journey to touch hearts, strengthen the weak, and spread love to every corner of our community.


At Crystal Hearts Foundation, our mission is to touch the hearts of those in need through caring and unwavering support. We are dedicated to nurturing and empowering kids to thrive and reach their full potential.


Our vision at Crystal Hearts Foundation is to create a world where every child’s heart is touched, cared for, and supported, enabling them to thrive and realize their fullest potential. We envision a society that cherishes and prioritizes the well-being of children, ensuring their safety, happiness, and opportunities for a bright future.

CHF Events

Explore our vibrant events section to discover the heartwarming moments and impactful initiatives that define the Crystal Hearts Foundation’s journey.

Foundation Launch Dinner

In 2022, we celebrated the successful launch of several projects at our Foundation Launch Dinner on July 30th. Joining us were new members who embraced our vision for positive change The Foundation Launch Dinner marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for CHF, as we continue to strive towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of other

Kajiado Rescue Center visit

The Kajiado Rescue Center visit holds a special place in CHF’s history as one of our inaugural projects during the foundation’s early months. This meaningful initiative marked our first-ever visit, symbolizing our commitment to touching hearts in diverse ways

Muthiga Children’s Home

At the heart of CHF’s mission is our ongoing collaboration with Muthiga Children’s Home, where we strive to fulfill the needs of every child under their care. Our most impactful project was a successful shoe drive, where we provided each child with new school shoes, ensuring they were equipped for their education.

CHF Members

“Being a member of the foundation has become an important part of my life. Every project the foundation undertakes is near and dear to my heart. Through the foundation, I am able to take part in activities that positively impact society. I believe that when one gives, they open the door for more blessings.” – CHF Director
Faith Moraa
“I have been fortunate enough to have had all my needs met. When I see people struggling to meet their basic needs it breaks my heart. Being part of a foundation enables me to make an impact in my own little way. Putting a smile on the people’s faces always warms my heart.” CHF Chairperson
Imani Wamai
“Being part of the foundation to me means that we took a step to bring a dream to reality.Giving is something that brings me immense joy.It means being impartial, selfless and sharing with the less fortunate to do our best to leave a lasting change in their lives.” – Foundation Secretary
Sylvia Mbugua